Advocacy Services

What is advocacy?

If you are struggling to make your views heard about any health or social care issue such as the service you receive from your doctor, dentist, hospital, carer or social worker or you are thinking about making a complaint about any health or social care issue free advocacy services may be able to support and help you to make sure that your views are heard.

What can advocacy help you with?

Advocates will:

  • Listen to you
  • Talk to you about your rights
  • Help you be clear about your problem
  • Help you choose what you think is best to do and make ‘informed decisions’

If you want to make a complaint, advocates will:

  • Give you information about who to complain to and about what will happen next

Advocates can:

  • Meet with you
  • Help you write letters or make phone calls
  • Help you prepare for and attend meetings and help you speak up for yourself
  • Help you try to get the services you need
  • Put you in touch with other people who can help you

Advocates DO NOT:

  • Tell you what you should do or give advice
  • Deal with legal, financial, benefits or housing issues
  • Do the job of health or social care services workers

Advocates cannot promise you will get what you want but they can support you to stand a better chance of being heard.

How do you contact advocacy services?

You can contact Advocacy Focus by phone at: 0300 323 0965 or by text at: 07886 744 634

Visit the Advocacy Focus website by clicking here to access advocacy services online -

Alternatively, you can email advocacy services at: