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New year new you

It is that time of the year when, after overindulging a bit during the festive period, we all start thinking about setting a new year resolution.

Dr Dinesh Patel, local GP and Chair of Greater Preston Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Our busy lives often mean our own health is at the bottom of our list of priorities. We need to remember to take time to look after ourselves.

“With the right support and motivation, you can make small changes to improve your health right away and double your chances of staying healthy as your get older.

“Over 15 million Britons are living with a long term health condition and busy lives and desk jobs make it difficult to live healthier. Making a few small changes will have significant benefit on people’s health.”

A new analysis from Public Health England show that eight out of 10 middle aged people either weigh too much, drink too much or don’t exercise enough.

Obesity in adults has risen by 16% in the last 20 years with many people unable to identify what a ‘healthy’ body looks like. For information on how you can maintain a healthy balanced diet visit the CCG healthy eating page.

The diabetes rate in middle aged adults in England has also doubled during the last 20 years. Obese adults are more than five times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than those who are a healthy weight (body mass index between 18.5 and 25).

If you would like to find out more information on how you can improve your lifestyle and get personalised recommendations, take the How Are You health quiz.

You can also visit our ‘Your Health’ pages for more advice and information on how you can improve your health in the New Year.

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