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Local residents urged to prepare for winter

Slips, trips and falls in and around the home are an all too common reason for people seeking medical support during the winter months. Many of these accidents are preventable by taking additional care and precautions as winter approaches.

Removing clutter, using non-slip rugs and high wattage lightbulbs, and organising your home so climbing, stretching and bending are kept to a minimum are all ways you can be more secure at home.

South Ribble GP, Dr Joegy Shah said: “There are practical ways you can support yourself and frail, elderly neighbours this winter. Make sure you have a supply of medications and food, so if the weather takes a turn for the worse you don’t need to leave the house in slippery conditions.”

Unexpected or unexplained falls can also be a sign of problems with a person’s health. Regular visits to services such as opticians and podiatrists can keep your eyes and feet as healthy as possible, reducing the risk of trip hazards going unnoticed and enabling you to remain stable. Regular medicines you are prescribed can become unsuitable as your situation and medical needs change. Medicines reviews are an opportunity for your GP to make sure all medicines are appropriate, reducing the possibility of any side effects that may leave you unsteady.  

Dr Shah added: “Often, falls can lead to people feeling vulnerable and isolated. By speaking to your GP or other support services, you can make sure you are as healthy as possible, and by following recommendations you can reduce the chances of falling again.”

For more tips on avoiding slips, trips and falls, and a range of other support information this winter visit    

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