Our vision, values and objectives

Our vision is to ensure equal and fair access to safe, effective and responsive health and social care for our communities that represent value – now and in the future.

Our values, which are at the heart of everything we do, are TO CARE, TO LISTEN, and TO ACT.

In more detail, they are:

  • To be open and accountable to our patients, their carers and the local community
  • To be professional and honest
  • To work in partnership with others to achieve our goals
  • To listen and learn, and be willing to change based on what we hear
  • To respect and care for our staff, the people we work with and our local community
  • To protect and invest the public funds that are given to us in a well managed way

Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Improve quality through more effective, safer services, which deliver a better patient experience and outcomes
  • Commission care so that it is integrated and ensures an appropriate balance between in-hospital and out-of-hospital provision 
  • Help engineer a financially sustainable health economy
  • Ensure patients are at the centre of the planning and management of their own care, and that their voices are heard
  • Be a well-run clinical commissioning group and the system leader