Patient stories

During our governing body meetings we invite patients to talk to us about their experiences regarding their health care – referred to as a ‘patient story’.

Patient stories are a powerful way of bringing experiences to life and making them accessible to other people. The board listens to and focuses on the patients overall experience as a whole person rather than just a clinical condition or as an outcome. These stories help to understand what is important to people, what works well and what can be improved.

We will be bringing you the stories that were told at each meeting on film. Please click on the links below to see the latest ones.

Patient videos

July 2019 - Jewels Davidson

November 2017 - Helen's story - ME/CFS support

July 2016 Governing Body - Lizzie's story - Learning disabilities


November 2015 Governing Body - Richard Timson - Cancer patient

July 2015 Governing Body - Alex Burton - Dementia patient

May 2015 Governing Body - Kath Matthews - Stroke patient