Previous Freedom of Information requests 2018

Find below all Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and our responses for the current calendar year.

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September 2018

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
26 September 2018 FOI 006287 Domestic Homicide GP training.pdf [pdf] 139KB Domestic homicide GP training, domestic abuse, safeguarding N/A
25 September 2018 FOI 006238 CHC Commissioning.pdf [pdf] 141KB CHC Commissioning, MLCSU, 24 hour homecare, line-in care package N/A
25 September 2018 FOI 006257 Freestyle Libre prescribing.pdf [pdf] 136KB Freestyle Libre prescribing FOI 006257.xlsx [xlsx] 13KB
24 September 2018 FOI 006309 Personal health budgets.pdf [pdf] 154KB Personal health budgets, spend, third party providers N/A
20 September 2018 FOI 006294 Chief Officer salary.pdf [pdf] 138KB Chief Officer salary, annual report N/A
18 September 2018 FOI 006217 Mental health spend.pdf [pdf] 141KB Mental health spend FOI 006217.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB
18 September 2018 FOI 006280 Medicines rebate schemes.pdf [pdf] 136KB Medicines rebate schemes, serotide, GlaxoSmithKline N/A
17 September 2018 FOI 006212 Policy.pdf [pdf] 139KB Policy, bariatric surgery, hernia repair, criteria N/A
14 September 2018 FOI 006228 Wheelchair services.pdf [pdf] 142KB Wheelchair services N/A
12 September 2018 FOI 006259 CHC IT systems.pdf [pdf] 154KB CHC IT systems N/A
12 September 2018 FOI 006198 Ophthalmology services.pdf [pdf] 152KB Ophthalmology services, activity levels N/A
11 September 2018 FOI 006421 Wheelchair services expenditure.pdf [pdf] 143KB Wheelchair services expenditure N/A
10 September 2018 FOI 006149 Facial nerve palsy rehabilitation.pdf [pdf] 150KB Facial nerve palsy rehabilitation, full recovery, physical rehabilitation, individual funding requests, Trophic Electrical Stimulation, policy Facial nerve policy.pdf [pdf] 161KB
10 September 2018 FOI 006196 Blood glucose monitoring equipment.pdf [pdf] 142KB Blood glucose monitoring equipment, test strips, diabetes N/A
10 September 2018 FOI 006236 Grants.pdf [pdf] 239KB Grants, charities, voluntary organisations,  N/A
7 September 2018 FOI 006163 Learning disability services.pdf [pdf] 136KB Learning disability services, autism, inpatient GP CCG- response.XLSX [xlsx] 14KB
7 September 2018 FOI 006165 Locally commissoned services.pdf [pdf] 136KB Locally commissioned services, GP enhanced services FOI 006165 Locally commissioned services GP per patient.xlsx [xlsx] 15KB
4 September 2018 FOI 006145 CHC fastrack applications.pdf [pdf] 140KB CHC fast track applications, average time period, care package FOI 6145 GP response.xlsx [xlsx] 13KB
4 September 2018 FOI 006131 Outcome based contracts.pdf [pdf] 136KB Outcome based contracts rebates N/A

August 2018

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
24 August 2018 FOI 006185 Below knee amputation data.pdf [pdf] 544KB Below knee amputation, lower limb N/A
22 August 2018 FOI 006158 Referral management service.pdf [pdf] 139KB Referral management service (RMS), GP elective referrals, rolling block contract, two week rule N/A
21 August 2018 FOI 006130 Diagnostic pathways for neurodevelopmental disorders.pdf [pdf] 140KB Diagnostic pathways for neurodevelopmental disorders N/A
21 August 2018 FOI 006121 Mental health spend.pdf [pdf] 140KB Mental health spend, dementia services, learning disability N/A
20 August 2018 FOI 006097 ICT expenditure.pdf [pdf] 138KB ICT expenditure FOI 006097.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB
17 August 2018 FOI 006156 Dermatology contract.pdf [pdf] 139KB Dermatology contract, community dermatology service, About health N/A
13 August 2018 FOI 006095 Continuing healthcare.pdf [pdf] 147KB Continuing healthcare, package of care, fully funded, nursing care N/A
9 August 2018 FOI 006101 Pharmacy rebates.pdf [pdf] 138KB Pharmacy rebates, serotide N/A
9 August 2018 FOI 006031 Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders.pdf [pdf] 148KB Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders, FASD N/A
8 August 2018 FOI 006105 Tongue tie surgery.pdf [pdf] 137KB Tounge tie surgery, ankylossia, mean age, wait N/A
8 August 2018 FOI 006048 Autistic spectrum disorder and learning disability care packages.pdf [pdf] 152KB Autistic spectrum disorder-learning disability care packages N/A
7 August 2018 FOI 006094 Mental health waiting times.pdf [pdf] 511KB Mental health waiting times, psychological therapies, talking therapies N/A
7 August 2018 FOI 006073 Commissioning policies.pdf [pdf] 556KB Commissioning policies, funding approval, costs N/A
7 August 2018 FOI 006067 Mental health spend.pdf [pdf] 139KB Mental health spend, NHS England funds, specialised mental health services, young persons N/A
7 August 2018 FOI 006046 Spinal procedures.pdf [pdf] 486KB Spinal procedures, individual funding requests, chronic pain N/A
6 August 2018 FOI 006109 Wound care formulary.pdf [pdf] 140KB Wound care formulary, supply chain, dressings N/A
6 August 2018 FOI 006103 Finance recruitment contacts.pdf [pdf] 138KB Finance recruitment contracts, chief finance and contracting officer N/A
6 August 2018 FOI 006071 Wheelchair services.pdf [pdf] 145KB Wheelchair services, contract, complaints N/A
2 August 2018 FOI 006035 IVF.pdf [pdf] 140KB IVF, fertility services FOI 006035.xlsx [xlsx] 31KB
2 August 2018 FOI 006024 VTE prevention.pdf [pdf] 136KB VTE prevention VTE response.pdf [pdf] 620KB
2 August 2018 FOI 006022 Co-proxamol prescribing.pdf [pdf] 142KB Co-proxamol prescribing, individual funding requests N/A
2 August 2018 FOI 006008 Extended GP access.pdf [pdf] 143KB Extended GP access, appointments FOI 006008.xlsx [xlsx] 15KB

July 2018

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
25 July 2018 FOI 006044 Pharmacy spend data.pdf [pdf] 136KB Pharmacy spend data, minor ailments scheme, palliative care FOI 006044.xlsx [xlsx] 15KB
25 July 2018 FOI 006033 Babylon healthcare.pdf [pdf] 136KB Babylon healthcare, Babylon Partners, GP at Hand correspondence N/A
25 July 2018 FOI 005987 Biophosphonates.pdf [pdf] 140KB Biophosphonates, postmenopausal, primary breast cancer, funding, prescribing N/A
25 July 2018 FOI 005981 IVF.pdf [pdf] 141KB IVF, ICSI, FET cycles FOI 005981.xlsx [xlsx] 17KB
24 July 2018 FOI 006011 Children and yound people's services.pdf [pdf] 142KB Children and young people's services, community, physical, mental, contract N/A
20 July 2018 FOI 005989 Urgent care centres.pdf [pdf] 140KB Urgent care centres, integrated, GTD Healthcare N/A
19 July 2018 FOI 005992 Community mental health services.pdf [pdf] 314KB Community mental health services, IAPT, LCFT N/A
19 July 2018 FOI 005995 A&E streaming.pdf [pdf] 145KB A&E streaming, GTD Healthcare, integrated urgent care service, 111, complaints N/A
16 July 2018 FOI 005985 Purchase of healthcare from non NHS providers.pdf [pdf] 136KB Purchase of healthcare from non NHS providers FOI 005985- Spreadsheet.xlsx [xlsx] 15KB
16 July 2018 FOI 005958 Child and adolescent mental health services.pdf [pdf] 136KB Child and adolescent mental health services FOI 005958 Response spreadsheet.xlsx [xlsx] 10KB
11 July 2018 FOI 005928 Ophthalmology-cataract surgery.pdf [pdf] 152KB Ophthalmology cataract surgery, NICE, glaucoma  N/A
11 July 2018 FOI 005983 Home oxygen service.pdf [pdf] 137KB Home oxygen service, Air Liquide (Homecare) Limited N/A
10 July 2018 FOI 005939 GP seven day access.pdf [pdf] 139KB GP seven day access, marketing FOI 005939.xlsx [xlsx] 10KB
10 July 2018 FOI 005941 GP spend.pdf [pdf] 143KB GP spend, £ per head, general practice N/A
10 July 2018 FOI 005959 Individual funding requests.pdf [pdf] 141KB Individual funding requests, exceptional N/A
6 July 2018 FOI 005937 24 hour live in care packages.pdf [pdf] 139KB 24 hour live in care packages N/A
5 July 2018 FOI 005897 Individual funding requests.pdf [pdf] 140KB Individual funding requests, specialist services panel, mental health N/A

June 2018

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
27 June 2018 FOI 005915 Individual funding requests.pdf [pdf] 137KB Individual funding requests FOI 005915.XLSX [xlsx] 23KB
25 June 2018 FOI 005902 Pulmonary rehabilitation.pdf [pdf] 139KB Pulmonary rehabilitation, cardio-respiratory service N/A
25 June 2018 FOI 005908 CHC funding for neurological conditions.pdf [pdf] 140KB Continuing health care funding for neurological conditions N/A
25 June 2018 FOI 005930 Biosimilar prescribing.pdf [pdf] 149KB Biosimilar prescribing N/A
20 June 2018 FOI 005933 STP obesity lead.pdf [pdf] 138KB STP child adult obesity lead N/A
20 June 2018 FOI 005899 Workshifting.pdf [pdf] 140KB Workshifting workload dump Copy of SDIP Action Plan V1 - MTIGP-March 2018.xlsx [xlsx] 18KB
20 June 2018 FOI 005891 Community disability equipment.pdf [pdf] 142KB Community disability equipment, terminally ill children N/A
19 June 2018 FOI 005869 Procurement challenges.pdf [pdf] 141KB Procurement challenges, legal challenges, legal action N/A
13 June 2018 FOI 005813 Prescribing rebate and QIPP schemes.pdf [pdf] 251KB

Prescribing rebates and QIPP schemes, efficiency saving, medicines optimisation scheme

12 June 2018 FOI 005847 CHC infrastructure and caseload.pdf [pdf] 137KB Continuing health care infrastructure and caseload N/A
7 June 2018 FOI 005826 Hyper acute stroke units.pdf [pdf] 140KB Hyper acute stroke units, appraisal process N/A

May 2018

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
29 May 2018 FOI 005834 Information technology.pdf [pdf] 139KB Information technology, suppliers, informatics solutions, EPR level, CMDI score N/A
29 May 2018 FOI 005824 Self care policy.pdf [pdf] 143KB Self care policy, over the counter items, Optimise Rx, dry eyes N/A
29 May 2018 FOI 005818 Health@work contracts.pdf [pdf] 140KB Health@work contracts N/A
29 May 2018 FOI 005812 OCD treatment funding requests.pdf [pdf] 144KB OCD treatment funding requests, individual funding requests N/A
29 May 2018 FOI 005842 Policy for the treatment of base of thumb arthritis.pdf [pdf] 141KB Policy for the treatment of base of thumb arthritis, orthopaedic, funding N/A
29 May 2018 FOI 005810 Bariatric services budget.pdf [pdf] 141KB Bariatric services budget, weight management, interventions N/A
29 May 2018 FOI 005382 GP network contacts.pdf [pdf] 140KB GP network contacts, locality leads N/A
21 May 2018 FOI 005797 Child and adolescent mental health services.pdf [pdf] 139KB Child and adolescent mental health services, young people, wellbeing N/A
21 May 2018 FOI 005783 Primary care prescribing QIPP.pdf [pdf] 154KB Primary care prescribing QIPP, medicines optimisation N/A
21 May 2018 FOI 005777 Continuing healthcare applications.pdf [pdf] 136KB Continuing healthcare applications, funding  FOI 005777.xlsx [xlsx] 12KB
21 May 2018 FOI 005769 Primary care services.pdf [pdf] 145KB Primary care services, general practice, spend, budget, core contract N/A
21 May 2018 FOI 005766 Support living services.pdf [pdf] 140KB Supported living services, residential care FOI 005766.xlsx [xlsx] 12KB
21 May 2018 FOI 005760 Continuing healthcare.pdf [pdf] 140KB Continuing healthcare packages N/A
21 May 2018 FOI 005757 Supported living services.pdf [pdf] 136KB Supported living services FOI 005757 GP.xlsx [xlsx] 13KB
17 May 2018 FOI 005744 Personal Health Budgets.pdf [pdf] 135KB Personal health budgets, Continuing healthcare FOI 005744.xlsx [xlsx] 21KB
17 May 2018 FOI 005740 Mabthera.pdf [pdf] 241KB Mabthera, clinical pathways, Oncology, SOPs, biosimilar rituximab, Truxima, Rixathon  N/A
11 May 2018 FOI 005747 Non NHS provider spend.pdf [pdf] 104KB Non NHS provider spend, purchase of healthcare N/A
10 May 2018 FOI 05788 GP registration details.pdf [pdf] 101KB GP registration details, NHS England, Locum N/A
9 May 2018 FOI 005718 CCG over £25k spending.pdf [pdf] 102KB CCG over £25k spending, payments, money N/A
8 May 2018 FOI 005775 Lymphoedema Treatment.pdf [pdf] 97KB Lymphoedema Treatment, caner N/A

April 2018

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
30 April 2018 FOI 005742 Prescribing guidance for asthma and COPD.pdf [pdf] 105KB Asthma, COPD, Lancashire Medicines Management Group, planned care N/A
30 April 2018 FOI 005717 Cataract surgery.pdf [pdf] 99KB cataract referral guidelines, funding, surgery N/A
25 April 2018 FOI 005706 Hip and knee surgery funding.pdf [pdf] 97KB Individual funding requests, surgical procedures, funding GP FOI 005706.xlsx [xlsx] 10KB
24 April 2018 FOI 005688 Mental Health.pdf [pdf] 157KB Mental health, planned spending, budgetting, liaison service, mental health crisis Lancashire CYP-EWMH transformation plan.pdf [pdf] 742KB
24 April 2018 FOI 005690 Counter fraud.pdf [pdf] 96KB Counter fraud service, Mersey Internal Audit Agency, cost, investigations N/A
23 April 2018 FOI 005670 Lipoedema treatment.pdf [pdf] 95KB Lipoedema, Manual Lympathic Drainage, treatments, surgical intervention N/A
23 April 2018 FOI 005704 GP systems of choice.pdf [pdf] 95KB General practice, software, funding N/A
16 April 2018 FOI 005714 Fertility preservation.pdf [pdf] 99KB Fertility preservation, IVF, cryopreservation, oncology, cancer N/A
12 April 2018 FOI 005710 Hernia repair policy.pdf [pdf] 95KB Hernias, surgery, policies N/A
12 April 2018 FOI 005668 Fertility preservation.pdf [pdf] 99KB Fertility, cryopreservation, oncology, IVF N/A
11 April 2018 FOI 005702 CHC agency spend.pdf [pdf] 97KB Continuing Health Care, staffing, spending N/A
11 April 2018 FOI 005641(2) Work shifting reports.pdf [pdf] 98KB Hospitals, workload management, sanctions N/A
9 April 2018 FOI 005696 Homeopathy.pdf [pdf] 97KB Homeopathy, NHS England, Good Thinking Society,  N/A
9 April 2018 FOI 005644 Antenatal education.pdf [pdf] 156KB Commissioning, antenatal, budgeting N/A
9 April 2018 FOI 005614 New ways of working.pdf [pdf] 107KB Models of working, General Practice, secondary care N/A
6 April 2018 FOI 005592 Governing body ballots.pdf [pdf] 94KB Governing Body, ballots, Local Medical Committee, Electoral Reform Services FOI 005592.pdf [pdf] 240KB
6 April 2018 FOI 005642 GP Appointment booking.pdf [pdf] 95KB Primary care, General Practice, appointments, NHS 111 N/A
3 April 2018 FOI 005652 Urea breath testing.pdf [pdf] 96KB Urea, H Pylori, contracts, commissioning N/A
3 April 2018 FOI 005662 Mobility equipment.pdf [pdf] 103KB Mobility, zimmer frames, walking sticks, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust N/A
3 April 2018 FOI 05666 GP federations.pdf [pdf] 95KB General Practice, GP federations, chief officer, contact details N/A
3 April 2018 FOI 005673 Buproprion prescribing.pdf [pdf] 95KB Buproprion, prescribing, depression,  N/A

March 2018

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
20 March 2018 FOI 005587 Governing body.pdf [pdf] 93KB Governing Body, BME, ethnicity  N/A
19 March 2018 FOI 005572 GP access.pdf [pdf] 91KB Evening and weekend appointments, GP access, spending, budget FOI 005572.xlsx [xlsx] 13KB
16 March 2018 FOI 005604 Contact details.pdf [pdf] 99KB Contact details, commissioning, contracts, procurement, planned care N/A
16 March 2018 FOI 005602 GP staffing.pdf [pdf] 94KB GP numbers, staffing, waiting times, General Practice N/A
12 March 2018 FOI 005553 MSK contracts.pdf [pdf] 91KB Musculoskeletal, physiotherapy, rheumatology, CFS, pain management, contracting FOI 005553.pdf [pdf] 366KB
9 March 2018 FOI 005590 GP practices.pdf [pdf] 94KB GP practices, patient numbers, primary care N/A
6 March 2018 FOI 005534 Enhanced services.pdf [pdf] 92KB Enhanced services, commissioning, funding, GMS, PMS FOI 005534 Enhanced services.xlsx [xlsx] 15KB
5 March 2018 FOI 005576 Finance.pdf [pdf] 92KB Primary Healthcare Training Limited, payments, services, goods N/A

February 2018

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
27 February 2018 FOI 005560 Malnutrition.pdf [pdf] 94KB Malnutrition, deficiencies, Lancashire County Council N/A
27 February 2018 FOI 005557 Medicines recommendations- Transdermal patches.pdf [pdf] 94KB Medication, transdermal patches, buprenorphine, prescribing N/A
26 February 2018 FOI 005543 Cataract surgery.pdf [pdf] 93KB Cataracts, Opthalmology, surgery, Primary Care, referrals N/A
20 February 2018 FOI 005405- High cost care packages.pdf [pdf] 91KB Spending, placements, autism, learning disabilities, brain injuries, physical disability, dementia, children's services FOI 5405 Response.xlsx [xlsx] 16KB
15 February 2018 FOI 005448 Agency costs.pdf [pdf] 177KB Agency costs, spending, Axon Resourcing, Badenoch & Clark, Brook Street UK Ltd, Frontline, Middleforth Green Cons N/A
14 February 2018 FOI 005505 Sexual assault referral centres.pdf [pdf] 95KB Sexual assault, SARC, contracting, budgeting N/A
14 Fe

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