Previous Freedom of Information requests

Find below all Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and our responses for the current calendar year.

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August 2019

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
22 August 2019 FOI 007585 Organisational structure chart.pdf [pdf] 138KB organisational structure chart N/A
22 August 2019 FOI 007565 CHC data.pdf [pdf] 141KB CHC data N/A

22 August 2019

 FOI 007519 PUPOC data.pdf [pdf] 142KB

PUPOC data N/A
21 August 2019 FOI 007533 MHRA safety alerts.pdf [pdf] 139KB MHRA safety alerts N/A
21 August 2019 FOI 007546 Referral management services.pdf [pdf] 137KB  referral management services N/A
21 August 2019 FOI 007517 CHC data.pdf [pdf] 537KB CHC data N/A

21 August 2019

FOI 007477 CHC data.pdf [pdf] 140KB 

CHC data N/A
14 August 2019 FOI 007507 clinically assisted nutrition and hydration .pdf [pdf] 141KB clinically assisted nutrition and hydration N/A
14 August 2019 FOI 007509 helicobacter pylori testing.pdf [pdf] 140KB helicobacter pylori testing N/A8 
8 August 2019 FOI 007471 Continuous glucose monitoring.pdf [pdf] 146KB continuous glucose monitoring N/A
8 August 2019 FOI 007469 Mental Health Services.pdf [pdf] 144KB mental health services N/A
8 August 2019 FOI 007467 Holter ECG.pdf [pdf] 140KB holter ECG N/A

July 2019

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
31 July 2019 FOI 007398 Locked Rehabilitation.pdf [pdf] 141KB Locked Rehabilitation N/A
25th July 2019 FOI 007450 Wound care product procurement.pdf [pdf] 141KB Wound care product procurement N/A
25th July 2019 FOI 007448 Postcodes in CCG footprint.pdf [pdf] 140KB Postcodes in CCG footprint N/A
25th July 2019 FOI 007439 Pregnancy and baby loss bereavement services.pdf [pdf] 138KB

Pregnancy and baby loss bereavement services

25th July 2019 FOI 007437 Infected blood inquiry.pdf [pdf] 139KB Infected blood Inquiry N/A
25th July 2019 FOI 007435 Genetic haemochromatosis.pdf [pdf] 140KB Genetic haemochromatosis N/A
25th July 2019 FOI 007433 Response Letter- GP.pdf [pdf] 140KB Response letter - GP N/A
25th July 2019 FOI 007425 APMS contracts.pdf [pdf] 136KB APMS contracts N/A
24th July 2019 FOI 007422 Counter fraud.pdf [pdf] 141KB

Counter fraud

24th July 2019 FOI 007409 Interpreter services.pdf [pdf] 162KB Interpreter services N/A
15th July 2019 FOI 007420 Diabetes and mental health services.pdf [pdf] 142KB Diabetes and mental health services N/A
12th July 2019 FOI 007400 Infection prevention and control.pdf [pdf] 141KB Infection prevention and control N/A
12th July 2019 FOI 007337 Mental Health and non-nhs providers.pdf [pdf] 147KB Mental Health and non-nhs providers N/A
9th July 2019 FOI 007365 Our Health Our Care.pdf [pdf] 141KB Our Health Our Care N/A
1st July 2019 FOI 007376 Primary Care Networks.pdf [pdf] 143KB Primary Care Networks N/A

June 2019

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
28th June 2019 FOI 007363 Diabetes education.pdf [pdf] 144KB Diabetes Education N/A
28th June 2019 FOI 007357 Telephony systems.pdf [pdf] 141KB Telephony systems N/A
28th June 2019 FOI 007355 Robotic Process Automation.pdf [pdf] 144KB Robotic process automation N/A
28th June 2019 FOI 007345 Benchmarking.pdf [pdf] 139KB Benchmarking N/A
28th June 2019 FOI 007335 CHC fast track applications.pdf [pdf] 145KB CHC fast track applications N/A
28th June 2019 FOI 007329 Stroke Units.pdf [pdf] 140KB Stroke units N/A
20th June 2019 FOI 007322 Blood glucose monitor formulary.pdf [pdf] 140KB Blood glucose monitor formula N/A
19th June 2019 FOI 007302 Eating disorder services.pdf [pdf] 141KB Eating disorder services Freedom of Information Request_Eating Disorders.xlsx [xlsx] 30KB
17th June 2019 FOI 007260 Continuing healthcare data.pdf [pdf] 151KB Continuing healthcare data N/A
17th June 2019 FOI 007255 Anti-coagulation services.pdf [pdf] 141KB Anti-coagulation services

Anti Coagulation Service 19-20.pdf [pdf] 632KB

Anti Coagulation Audit Submission 18-19.xlsx [xlsx] 50KB

12th June 2019 FOI 007298 Enhanced care home service.pdf [pdf] 144KB Enhanced care home service N/A
12th June 2019   FOI 007296 Primary Care Networks.pdf [pdf] 138KB Primary care networks

FOI 007296 PCN data.xlsx [xlsx] 16KB

12th June 2019 FOI 007239 Contacts and Referral Management Services.pdf [pdf] 155KB Contacts and Referral N/A
7tth June 2019 FOI 007303 NHS 111 and IUC contracts.pdf [pdf] 142KB NHS 111 and IUC contracts N/A
7th June 2019 FOI 007181 Post acute neurological rehabilitation.pdf [pdf] 145KB Post acute neurological rehab N/A
3rd June 2019 FOI 007251 Sodium Hyaluronate prescribing.pdf [pdf] 152KB Sodium Hyaluronate presribing N/A
3rd June 2019 FOI 007204 Qipp.pdf [pdf] 328KB Qipp


3rd June 2019 FOI 007273 Primary Care Networks.pdf [pdf] 142KB Primary Care Networks N/A
3rd June 2019 FOI 007187 Integrated Urgent Care Service.pdf [pdf] 147KB Intergrated urgent care service

KPI- GTD.pdf [pdf] 445KB

UCC Service Spec v1.0.pdf [pdf] 955KB

May 2019

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
31st May 2019 FOI 007258 Prescribing guidance.pdf [pdf] 145KB Prescribing guidance Prescribing-for-clinical-need-policy.pdf [pdf] 343KB
30th May 2019 FOI 007253 Couples therapy.pdf [pdf] 137KB Couples Therapy N/A
30th May 2019 FOI 007242 ReSPECT.pdf [pdf] 137KB ReSPECT form N/A
29th May 2019 FOI 007228 Community based surgical services.pdf [pdf] 137KB Community based surgical services N/A
29th May 2019 FOI 007225 Personal health budgets.pdf [pdf] 136KB Personal Health Budgets FOI 007225.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB
29th May 2019 FOI 007240 Estates and Technology Transformation Fund.pdf [pdf] 141KB Estates and Technology N/A
29th May 2019 FOI 007214 Axial Spondyloarthritis Services.pdf [pdf] 136KB Axial Spondyloarthritis services FOI -response.pdf [pdf] 703KB
29th May 2019 FOI 007198 Non-elective admissions and care homes.pdf [pdf] 143KB Non-elective admissions and care homes   N/A
29th May 2019 FOI 007185 CHC fast track applications.pdf [pdf] 136KB CHC fast track FOI 7185 submission.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB
28th May 2019 FOI 007159 Apprentices data.pdf [pdf] 141KB Apprenticeship data N/A
17th May 2019 FOI 007138 DPS funds.pdf [pdf] 145KB DPS Funds N/A
16th May 2019 FOI 007148 Primary care enhanced services.pdf [pdf] 136KB Primary care enhanced services FOI [zip] 4MB
16th May 2019 FOI 007183 Worster-Drought syndrome.pdf [pdf] 315KB Worster-Drought Syndrome N/A
13th May 2019 FOI 007164 Homelessness services.pdf [pdf] 140KB Homelessness Services N/A
13th May 2019 FOI 007161 Hospice funding.pdf [pdf] 149KB Hospice funding N/A
13th May 2019 FOI 007134 Personal health budget survey.pdf [pdf] 142KB Personal health budget survey N/A
13th May 2019 FOI 007197 Single use speculum.pdf [pdf] 148KB Single use speculum N/A
13th May 2019 FOI 007111 Endoscopy services.pdf [pdf] 138KB Endoscopy services N/A
8th May 2019 FOI 007077 MSK and diagnostics contracts.pdf [pdf] 146KB MSK and diagnostics contracts N/A

April 2019

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
26 April 2019 FOI 007147 Primary Care Networks.pdf [pdf] 136KB Primary care networks, neighbourhood FOI 007147.xlsx [xlsx] 16KB
26 April 2019 FOI 007040 CCG and STP details.pdf [pdf] 155KB CCG and STP details, super GP practices, partnerships N/A
26 April 2019 FOI 007100 End of Life Care Primary Care Contracts.pdf [pdf] 141KB End of life care primary care contracts, payments, population based health improvements Population Based Health Improvement (GPQC) 2019-2020 Final (2).pdf [pdf] 794KB
24 April 2019 FOI 007124 Orthotics services.pdf [pdf] 308KB Orthotics services, contracts N/A
24 April 2019 FOI 007089 MSK contracts.pdf [pdf] 146KB MSK contratcs, partner, podiatry N/A
24 April 2019 FOI 007033 Elderly care fees.pdf [pdf] 136KB Elderly care fees FOI 007033 GP April 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 14KB
17 April 2019 FOI 007118 Sexual Health Testing kits.pdf [pdf] 140KB Sexual health testing kits, LCC N/A
17 April 2019 FOI 007116 Community pharmacy services.pdf [pdf] 140KB Community pharmacy services, minor ailments service, palliative care drugs N/A
16 April 2019 FOI 007087 Continuous glucose monitoring.pdf [pdf] 141KB Continuous glucose monitoring N/A
16 April 2019 FOI 007074 Primary Care Committee.pdf [pdf] 154KB Primary Care Committee, public papers, GP patient survey N/A
10 April 2019 FOI 007075 Early years autism service.pdf [pdf] 141KB Early years autism service, ASD diagnostic assessment, spectrum, strategy group N/A
10 April 2019 FOI 007031 Digital technology.pdf [pdf] 149KB Digital technology, responsibility, time spent, Integrated Care Partnership Lead, Board member, Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO), Management Executive Team N/A
9 April 2019 FOI 007068 Parkinson services.pdf [pdf] 141KB Parkinson services, IAPT, mental health, psychologist, positive lifestyle team N/A
5 April 2019 FOI 007010 Services for children with stammers.pdf [pdf] 142KB Services for children with stammers, specialist, speech and language, Community Integrated Therapy and Nursing Service (CITNS), age range, specified exclusion criteria N/A
5 April 2019 FOI 007007 Commissioning intentions.pdf [pdf] 136KB Commissioning intentions, operating plan N/A
5 April 2019 FOI 006991 Learning Disability deaths.pdf [pdf] 141KB Learning disability deaths, Learning Disability Mortality Review( LeDeR) N/A
5 April 2019 FOI 006973 Services for patients with acquired brain injury.pdf [pdf] 140KB Services for patients with acquired brain injury, community rehabilitation, community stroke, neurological rehabilitation N/A
4 April 2019 FOI 007051 Cataract surgery data.pdf [pdf] 141KB Cataract surgery data, IFR, prior approval, activity N/A
4 April 2019 FOI 007049 Interpreter services.pdf [pdf] 145KB Interpreter services, Lifeline Language Services, solutions, Cosign, interpretation N/A
4 April 2019 FOI 007014 Urgent care performance notices.pdf [pdf] 137KB Urgent care performance notices, GTD healthcare N/A
3 April 2019 FOI 007052 Cannabis based medicine prescribing.pdf [pdf] 141KB Cannabis based medicine precribing, primary care N/A
2 April 2019 FOI 007046 Patient self-Assessment prior to referral to Functional Bowel or IBS Clinic.pdf [pdf] 140KB Patient self-assessment prior to referral to functional bowel or IBS clinic N/A
2 April 2019 FOI 007019 Funding request data.pdf [pdf] 139KB Funding request data, IFR stats GP IFR stats.xlsx [xlsx] 36KB
2 April 2019 FOI 006945 Remote patient monitoring systems.pdf [pdf] 142KB Remote patient monitoring systems, Community Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) team N/A

March 2019

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
29 March 2019 FOI 007008 Response Letter- GP.pdf [pdf] 149KB Wheelchair service, contracts, population, registered users N/A
29 March 2019 FOI 006937 Intranet software.pdf [pdf] 142KB Intranet software, budget, hosting, VerseOne, communications team, digital workplace strategy N/A
28 March 2019 FOI 006947 CHC funding.pdf [pdf] 137KB CHC funding FOI 6947 Greater Preston.xlsx [xlsx] 12KB
27 March 2019 FOI 007015 HIV prevalence.pdf [pdf] 137KB HIV prevalence N/A
18 March 2019 FOI 006971 Spend on public relations.pdf [pdf] 137KB Spend on public relations, PR N/A
18 March 2019 FOI 006936 Patient transport services.pdf [pdf] 148KB Patient transport services, North West Ambulance Service NWAS quality standards.pdf [pdf] 429KB
14 March 2019 FOI 006963 Diabetes specialist nurses.pdf [pdf] 140KB Diabetes specialist nurses N/A
12 March 2019 FOI 006943 Missed appointments.pdf [pdf] 146KB Missed appointments, cost, public transport N/A
7 March 2019 FOI 006901 24 hr care packages.pdf [pdf] 140KB 24 hour care packages, live-in,  N/A
5 March 2019 FOI 006916 GP practice closures.pdf [pdf] 511KB GP practice closures N/A
4 March 2019 FOI 006896 LD and autism enhanced services.pdf [pdf] 143KB LD and autism enhanced services N/A

February 2019

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
26 February 2019 FOI 006876 Sexual misconduct allegations.pdf [pdf] 142KB Sexual misconduct allegations, harassment, assault, rape Harassment and Bullying at Work Policy v2.0.pdf [pdf] 506KB HR 08 - Equality and Diversity Policy v2.0.pdf [pdf] 333KB
25 February 2019 FOI 006874 CAMHS.pdf [pdf] 349KB CAMHS, specialist parent infant service N/A
25 February 2019 FOI 006793 Personal health budgets.pdf [pdf] 140KB Personal health budgets N/A
22 February 2019 FOI 006843 Rheumatology prescribing.pdf [pdf] 142KB Rhuematology prescribing N/A
19 February 2019 FOI 006862 Contact details-IT.pdf [pdf] 139KB Contact details IT N/A
19 Fenruary 2019 FOI 006821 Mental health inpatient rehabilitation.pdf [pdf] 136KB Mental health inpatient rehabilitation FOI 6822 GP.xlsx [xlsx] 16KB
18 February 2019 FOI 006856 Medical negligence claims.pdf [pdf] 137KB Medical negligence claims N/A
18 February 2019 FOI 06777 CCG agency spend- response.pdf [pdf] 137KB Agency spend, clinical staff, non-clinical FOI 006777 CCG Agency Spend.pdf [pdf] 423KB
15 February 2019 FOI 006828 GP out of hours services.pdf [pdf] 140KB GP out of hours service, gtd healthcare N/A
14 February 2019 FOI 006772 NHS lease cars.pdf [pdf] 139KB NHS lease cars N/A
12 February 2019 FOI 006819 Microsoft licenses.pdf [pdf] 312KB Microsoft licenses, cloud N/A
11 February 2019 FOI 006826 Local area network provision.pdf [pdf] 147KB Local area network provision, LAN N/A
11 February 2019 FOI 006821 Weight management services.pdf [pdf] 141KB Weight management services, psychologist N/A
8 February 2019 FOI 006816 MSK contract.pdf [pdf] 144KB MSK contract, physiotherapy, pain management, rheumatology N/A
6 February 2019 FOI 006767 Services for the homeless.pdf [pdf] 140KB Services for the homeless, housing officer N/A
5 Febraury 2019 FOI 006799 CAMHS waiting times.pdf [pdf] 140KB CAMHS waiting times N/A
5 February 2019 FOI 006797 Endometriosis.pdf [pdf] 142KB Endometriosis N/A
5 February 2019 FOI 006776 Interpreter services.pdf [pdf] 146KB Interpreter services, co-sign, language line, lifeline N/A
1 February 2019 FOI 006733 Interpreting services spend.pdf [pdf] 138KB Interpreting services spend per year N/A

January 2019

Response date FOI request Key words Additional documents
29 January 2019 FOI 006759 Paediatric disability expenditure.pdf [pdf] 142KB Paediatric disability expensidture, children, N/A
22 January 2019 FOI 006740 Continuing healthcare domiciliary care.pdf [pdf] 308KB Continuing healthcare domiciliary care, hourly rate N/A
22 January 2019 FOI 006711 Risk management systems.pdf [pdf] 140KB Risk management systems, pentana, incidents N/A
21 January 2019 FOI 006731 Staffing structure.pdf [pdf] 140KB Staffing structure, finance N/A
21 January 2019 FOI 006717 Retrospective reviews.pdf [pdf] 141KB Retrospective reviews, continuing healthcare N/A
17 January 2019