Procurement, tendering and contracting

NHS Greater Preston CCG is responsible for buying healthcare services to meet the needs of local people.

Buying these services involves a process called commissioning, which can include monitoring the contracts of organisations that provide existing services, as well as running competitive tendering opportunities for new or revised services.

As buyers of healthcare services we have a responsibility to make sure we make commissioning decisions in a fair and open way, that we get value for money, and that we are meeting the healthcare needs of our population.

Each tendering exercise carried out is tailored to the service being commissioned and the rules governing it. All procurements are conducted in accordance with the general principles of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015) which include transparency, proportionality and the equal treatment and non-discrimination of all providers and compliance with the National Health Service (Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition No.2) Regulations 2013 (PPCCR 2013).

We regularly review local health services so that we can identify ways to improve their quality and efficiency, and also so we can work to improve choice, access, and experiences for patients.

We aim to offer the people of Greater Preston a wide range of accessible, high quality and easy to use services to help them stay healthy and improve their wellbeing.

Please note, details of awarded contracts can be found on the Procurement Decisions Register below.

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