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This page has been designed to help answer any questions you may have about your referral.

What will happen when my GP refers me?

If your GP decides that you need referring for treatment a referral letter will be completed and sent electronically to the Referral Management Centre (RMC).

What will happen to my referral next?

Your referral will be checked and will either go for clinical assessment, if this is in place for the condition you are being referred for, or will go straight to the booking stage.

What does clinical assessment involve?

Clinical assessment is a paper-based assessment of your referral letter carried out by a specialist clinician. This determines which type of service is most appropriate for you based on the information your GP has included in your referral letter. This may be:

  • Your GP, if the assessing clinician can recommend a course of treatment which your GP may not have tried.
  • A service provided by clinicians with more specialist knowledge/training.
  • A hospital-based service provided by a consultant and their team.

It is recognised that a great deal of care can be managed outside the hospital setting and there are an increasing number of services which are provided to patients within community settings. These are often more accessible to patients and in some cases avoid patients making unnecessary or inappropriate visits to a hospital outpatient clinic.

Clinical assessment ensures that, if appropriate, you are offered a community based service for your treatment and means that consultants at the hospital can spend more time seeing patients who cannot be treated by any other clinician. If you have any queries about this, speak to your GP or referrer.

What happens when my referral reaches the booking stage?

Within 24 hours of your referral reaching the booking stage a text message will be sent to you asking you to contact the RMC. This will only occur if you have a mobile phone, if your GP practice has your correct mobile number and you have consented to receive text messages. Otherwise, the RMC will write to you asking you to get in touch to arrange your appointment.

If no contact is made it will not be possible to progress with your referral and your referral will be closed. If you wish to be re-referred you will need to go back to your GP.

What do I do now?

If you have a mobile phone, check that your GP practice has the correct number so that this can be included in your referral. You should also inform your GP practice if you are happy to receive a text message to update you on the progress of your referral.

If you have not heard from the RMC within a week of your GP referring you please contact the RMC on: 01772 325100.

What do I do if I want to cancel my new appointment?

If you have agreed a new appointment date that you then need to cancel/ rearrange or you have any other queries about your appointment, please ring the RMC who will be happy to help you. They can be contacted on: 01772 325100.

Where can I find out more information about my e-referral appointment or the different treatment providers which may be available to me?

Further information can be accessed via the following websites or by using the number below:

For more information please contact the Referral Management Centre Tel: 01772 325100