Lancashire-wide review of clinical policies

The CCG is working with the other CCGs in Lancashire to make sure patients can access essential clinical services in a consistent and equitable way.

The CCGs are reviewing the clinical policies that are currently used to make decisions about the care and treatment people receive in areas such as cosmetic procedures, IVF and tonsillectomies. We are now working together to review these policies to: 

  • ensure a consistent and fair approach across the county  
  • develop a set of principles and policies against which decisions about care and treatment can be made
  • and to develop collaborative policies across the eight CCGs in Lancashire.

The first stage in this process was to agree the underlying principles for clinical policies and decision-making. These principles will help determine local decisions about whether individuals receive or are eligible to receive care or treatment. The principles can be viewed below.

Supporting information

Policy harmonisation outline and supporting information (pdf 103KB) 

Policy harmonisation Q&As (pdf 79KB) 

Statement of Principles.pdf (PDF 309KB)  

Statement of Principles - summary (pdf 21KB) 

Policy for Considering Applications for Exceptionality.pdf (PDF 307KB)  

Exceptionality policy - summary (pdf 24KB) 

General Policy IFR Decision Making.pdf (PDF 387KB

General policy for Individual Funding Request - summary (pdf 11KB) 

Policies under review - have your say

The current draft policies are under review:

Policies under review:

Draft policy Printable survey Online survey Level of Change document Feedback window closure
Proposed policy for assisted conception (PDF, 419KB)  Draft policy for assisted conception services survey (doc, 154KB)  Click here for online survey Conception level of change (pdf, 172KB)  Friday 6 April 2018

Residents of Greater Preston are therefore invited to read any draft policy documents and provide their feedback and comments by completing the relevant survey.

To help with these draft policies we also include a Level of Change document that identifies what has been changed in the updated policies compared to the previous policies. 

Your comments are fed back to the CCG as part of the development process.

Please return completed questionnaires to the Communication and Engagement Team, Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit, Jubilee House, Centurion Way, Leyland, Lancashire PR26 6TR.

Reviewed policies to date

Please note, the policies below have previously been subject to public surveys. The surveys on these policies are now closed. They are now in the next stage of the review process and updates will be available on the website when appropriate. 

Draft policy for cosmetic procedures

Draft policy for hysteroscopy

Draft policy for hip arthroscopy

Draft policy for dilatation and curettage (D&C)

Draft policy for commissioning of excision of the uterus for the treatment of menorrhagia

Draft policy for commissioning male circumcision 

Draft policy for surgical release of trigger finger        

Draft policy for surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

Draft policy for tonsillectomy-adeno tonsillectomy 

Draft policy for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors

Draft policy for rehab of facial nerve

Draft policy for complementary therapies